About us

The Mautus division was founded in December 2002 to meet increasing market demands for used, traditional and computerised numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

Its exceptional, independent identity is distinguished by competence, quality and professionalism.

Our values

All machines are carefully overhauled, reconditioned and sold working, in compliance with accident prevention regulations and guarantees.

Sometimes, Mautus also buys machines from unrepresented manufacturers provided they are in good condition and recently produced.

Quality Near you Entrepreneurial spirit Professionalism

Extremely reliable products and services thanks to partnerships with prestigious brands.


Celada has built a loyal customer base over many years. Good customer relations have always been the key to our success. The Group’s approach has brought the brand Celada to build lasting ties with customers in every country it operates in. Thanks to an in-depth understanding of customers’ machining needs, support from sales to installation as well as prompt and effective assistance.

Selected partners

In order to offer customers products and services of the highest standards, Celada has always relied on highly selected companies that enhance the skills that have been developed over its 80-year history. This is why the Group’s partners are the best manufacturers of machine tools in the world, ensuring long-term quality, reliability and precision.

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